A Member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), Azure Photonics is among the world’s 90 leading hologram manufacturers. We are the first and only hologram manufacturer in Thailand that is capable of doing hologram mastering and all other processes by its own based on thirty years of extensive holographic experience and in operation since 1999.

The company has the necessary technology and skillful staffs to manufacture finished hologram products under one roof. Our in-house hologram origination lab boasts its own innovative security techniques. Enhance with complete line of holographic manufacturing facilities, allow us to create and manufacture holographic security products with advanced, high security technology and proprietary expertise. Our manufacture process includes graphics design, hologram mastering, shim stamper, embossing, metallizing, adhesive coating, die cutting, etc. The entire production is processed internally to ensure the highest security of the customer’s products.  The manufacturing site is completely organized in accordance with the most drastic security norms required by the customers.

Azure Photonics is committed to fighting against counterfeiting and forgery with the most reliable and powerful security products.  We are always working on new developments in order to keep its technological advance to authenticate and offer the best products against counterfeiting. Our manufacturing facilities are renowned for our technical staff’s innovation and craftsmanship.

FromAzure, you can find the best hologram solution for your requirements of security and packaging needs. Azure provides the clients with the unique, finest holograms at the most competitive prices. Our sales personnel are well known for their professional knowledge and superb services before and after sales. The dedicated staffs have guaranteed the commitment to establish our company as a reliable, trustworthy, honest security product provider.

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